Dr.Leakgo™ the one-stop solution to all leakage and waterproofing problems

a. Leakage Repair

Dr.Leakgo™ provides instant solution for water leakage problem. Using injection system and quality P.U Chemical fully imported from Korea, our professional treatment comes with a 12 months' warranty.

b. Waterproofing

Dr.Leakgo™ provides one-stop expert waterproofing solutions to bathroom, toilet, balcony, concrete flat roof, tunnel, water tank, reservoir, swimming pool, etc. All our professional waterproofing treatments come with a 12 months' warranty.

c. Structural Crack Repairs

Dr.Leakgo™ has the expertise in providing professional remedial work onto structural cracks. Kindly consult our team of experts for the right method of rectification for all your structural repair needs.

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