About Us


Dr.Leakgo™, a trademark owns by Frostmac Sdn Bhd, specializes in providing remedial work for houses, apartments, schools, shopping centres, commercial water tanks, reservoirs, tunnels, dams, sewerage treatment plants, swimming pools and many more.

Frostmac Sdn Bhd is headquartered strategically in Puchong, Selangor, Malaysia being one of the fastest growing areas in the Klang Valley. The company provides one-stop solution on waterproofing, leakage repair and maintenance services since year 1999.  
Whether you are a property developer, contractor, builder or individual house owner, we always have the right solution for all your water leakage, structural cracks and repair needs.

Providing high quality and timely services to our clients are our top priority. Here, in Frostmac Sdn Bhd are well resourced by a team of highly motivated professionals who are passionate in helping clients to solve waterproofing and leakage issues.

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